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Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Ride 4 AIDS

Tomorrow is our 50-mile training ride in the Ride for AIDS. It should be a lot of fun, but we have to get there at 7AM and our clocks change tonight for daylight savings! Doh! Anyway, we plan to hand out a lot of cards with our website on it and we put some banners on our racks to advertise our website. Check out the Photos page for a picture of them.

A.K. and I also went on a shopping spree at REI last night. It is sort of fun wandering around that store with a shopping cart. We laid down a lot of cash, but we were expecting to. We bought mostly essentials like camping cookware, clothing, camp-fuel bottles, bags, dry bag... the list goes on. I'll be updating the equipment list soon, so you can see all the junk we bought and now have to haul around!

Time is flying by right now. Before we know it we are going to be riding!



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