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Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 83: Ochoco Divide Campground, OR to Sisters, OR (78 miles, 4101 total)

Well, there is nothing to exclaim about today. It was a longer day with hot temps but nothing extraordinary to start out with. Oh wait, Jeff and Rebus got to eat pigs in a blanket for 2nd breakfast and they were in hog heaven.

We woke up at 5:30 and the boys started boiling water for oatmeal. It was the first time we had a hot breakfast in weeks. After that we packed up and headed out for what we thought would be a long downhill day.

We did get a downhill but it was a slow one. For the first time we decided that this pass was easier coming from the West. That is one pass out of too many for us to go back to count so thats not too bad.

After 33 miles we arrived in the town of Prineville. Fortunately, the place we chose to eat breakfast/lunch served the boys Jeff's favorite. Rebus declared that it isn't his favorite but he was happy to partake in the rare menu choice. Being entirely sick of breakfast foods other than cold cereal with milk, I opted for a lunch choice.

We had great cell phone service there for the first time in days. I learned that my bridesmaid dress for my friend Lauren's wedding was on its way out to California to a house where no one lives anymore. There always has to be something with wedding stuff to add a little drama.

We read in our guidebook that Prineville had a great 2 story museum with free admission. Hoping we would run across more boxing squirrels there, we headed over after scrutting our meals. We didn't find any crazy stuffed animals, but it was an interesting stop. There was one display honoring several fallen wild firefighters from a 1994 wildfire. Though it was a long time ago, I remember hearing about that tragedy and the 9 smoke jumpers that lost their lives.

From Prineville we headed over to Redmond. Our map had us going a slightly longer route but we took it in the hopes of escaping from some traffic. Our road wound through a valley area where we got our first glimpse of the snowcapped Cascade mountain range. We also ran into truckers that were only interested
in getting to and from their drop points and fast. Rebus and I were riding together and ditched off the road quickly as a truck came barreling up behind us with traffic approaching. We got a sympathy shrug and wave from a passing motorcyclist. That hasn't happened yet on the trip.

After a cold drink break in Redmond, we pushed the last 20 miles to Sisters. The sun was intensely hot as it beat down on us, made worse when we started a short but steep climb. We started noticing a change of scenery as pines and grasses started appearing with more frequency. If only that would bring cooler temps with it!

Sisters is a small town but was bustling with activity when we arrived. It is a big tourist area and was packed with people. We looked at the few options for camping in town. None had showers and after two days of biking in the heat, I was bad fer one. We opted
for the cushy motel option and got a great deal. Well, not on the price but at least on the ammenities. The room is gigantic and has plenty of room for all of our bikes, gear and us. The boys headed to the pool while I enjoyed a cool shower. I will not be missing my camp towel at the end of trip. After we were all clean, we walked to a nearby restaurant to fuel up for tomorrow's century.

My parents arrived in Portland tonight. I haven't seen them since Christmas so I am really excited for them to get here. They are picking up Jeff's mom at the airport in the morning and then the three of them are heading out to find us on the road. It is really the beginning of the end now!



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