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Monday, April 18, 2005

Thank you PocketMail!

Welcome to our daily online journal brought to you by PocketMail.

The kind people at PocketMail have decided to show their support to us by donating a Composer and service for the summer. As a result, you will be able to read about our ride everyday in this journal.

Click here to visit PocketMail!

So, what is PocketMail?

PocketMail is a really cool device that allows the user to send email from any phone. When all you need is email service, it is the perfect alternative to carring a laptop. All you do is type your emails into the PocketMail Composer, call a 1-800 number, hold the device up to the phone and your email is sent! This device is better than one that works on cellphone technology because it does not depend on the availability of wireless coverage. When we are outside of a wireless area, we just use the Composer with a pay phone. It is so simple, light and cool, we could't be happier.

Thanks to PocketMail, you will be able to read about our progess and adventures everyday! We are very grateful for their support!

Here is a photo of our little composer.


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