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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Day 1: Yorktown to Jamestown (25.2 miles)

Our first day of riding! We were able to get orgainized enough to start riding one day early. Since we did not get started until after lunch, we made it a short day.

We woke up at about nine this morning (we have really enjoyed these last few days of sleeping in), and packed our bikes up with all of our stuff. Once again we were reminded of how heavy all this stuff really is. All the little things really add up.

After getting the bikes loaded, we took a little ride around town. I have discovered that my bike does not handle the loaded BOB trailer very well. The bike develops a "shimmy" anytime I am out of the saddle. I think I'll be able to reduce it with some more careful packing, but I also think that ultimately I'll just have to learn to ride with it. Once we come across a post office (that is open), I'll mail home some clothes and tools that we no longer need. That will help reduce the load and hopefully the "shimmy".

We had lunch at the Yorktown Pub, right on the water. Burgers for all and then it was off to the Yorktown Monument to take some photos. The monument not only marks the start of the route, but it also commemorates the victory of the colonists (led by G. Washington) over the British.

Despite the "shimmy", we had a great ride today. The route took us along the York river, through Williamsberg (watch out for the Red Coats), along the Colonial Parkway, and into Jamestown. Virginia so far has proven to be very scenic. The tree lined roads are fantastic, and I really like the red-brick bridges.

Many people are very interested in what we are doing. We've had at least five groups ask us, and we have handed out a few business cards. I feel a bit funny telling them it is our first day! Most people just want to know how far, how long and how much.

The campsite leaves a bit to be desired, but the people here have been very friendly too us. A friendly couple with two young children and a dog named Zack have offered us our fill of Nilla Wafers and Sun Chips. Another woman across the way would really like to give us some Italian sasage, but we are already full from PB sandwiches and Nila Wafers.

We "showered" in the pool at the campsite (like I said the campsite leaves much to be desired, including showers), but it was quite refreshing... even without soap.

Tomorrow we aim for Glendale. We have read a free church hostle is waiting for us there. Free stuff is our favorite.



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